about me

Helga Surenzhskaya
∀design ∈ true ⇔ meaning + (function ⇒ form)

I'm Ukrainian graphic and web designer, who base works on key principles of minimalism and usability. But I always apply a special approach to creating every new design, in order to revive the story behind particular project. I also enjoy developing unique connections between form and color.

What's so special in my designs?
The answer is simple — I develop comprehended concepts, as I put sense into each work. By analyzing the brand/product I work with, its values and target audience, I determine the main feature that I'll highlight in the design to distinguish it from others.

Also, I'm an aspiring developer and artivist, who believes that modern technologies and digital art can make this world a better place for everyone to live. That's why I would like to work in these fields.

Get in touch, let's make something awesome together!


Industry 4.0

Multilingual website created for those who are not indifferent to their future, and are interested in technological progress. It was made for spreading knowledge about the Fourth industrial revolution.

Applied: Phalcon framework, MVC architecture, Active record pattern, Phinx, Node, MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap

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Website design and layout inspired by Bauhaus movement.

Applied: TweenMax (GSAP), HTML5, CSS3

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  • Winner ofInternational Reggae poster contest
    25th place in student category (7th contest 2020)
  • 1st placeall-Ukrainian competion Italent
    in nomination Front-end web development (4th season)
  • Usability prizeHuawei special prize for outstanding design
    — additional nomination of
    Young Book Design Awards
  • World poster campaignZero Corruption conference and 4th Block Association
    selected works: "Hype" in "Ecology and climate crisis",
    "Peek" in "Corruption as a threat to global security" categories
  • 2nd placeDEV Challenge XVII
    in nomination App Design (UI)
  • 1st place2nd stage of all-Ukrainian competition-defence JAS
    in nomination Internet technologies and Web design